Puppet Theaters

Handmade Puppet Theaters are 65” high by 31” wide, with a real wooden stage platform covered in fabric, curtains that open and close, a removable backdrop, and roomy pockets backstage for storing puppets during the show.

A handmade puppet theater is the perfect accompaniment for play dates or a trip to grandma’s, ensuring hours of fun and encouraging cooperative, imaginative play.

Our Doorway Puppet Theater hangs from an adjustable ¾ inch tension rod and can be extended to 48 inches. The tension rod is included in your purchase, and there is no hardware to install! The theater is lightweight, portable, and can be rolled up quickly for easy storage.

The button-on fabric name plaque for personalizing the theater, puppets, and additional backdrops can all be purchased separately and are not included in the price of the theater.